Welcome to the Soft robotics group of the KU Leuven, part of the Micro & precision engineering research group. Our research focusses on the design, fabrication and application of soft robotic systems, ranging from centimeters to micrometers in size.

The aim of the group is to revolutionize the robotic world by introducing flexible materials in the design, going from hard to soft robots and from software to hardware intelligence.




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Best Communication Award at RoboSoft 2021!

Bringing together Artificial Cilia and Model-Based Control has captured the interest of the Soft Robotics community! Congratulations to Edoardo, Benjamin and Dominiek alongside with Francesco Stella and Cosimo Della Santina from TU Delft for winning the Best Communication Award at the 4th edition of the IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft 2021) with the … Continue reading Best Communication Award at RoboSoft 2021!

Modelling embodied intelligence in soft fluidic networks with FONS

Inflatable soft robots are much more than soft actuators for gripping delicate objects. They are rich dynamic structures capable of memory and computations all on their own. Carefully designed soft robotic systems therefore do not require any electronic control at all to perform complex functions. Instead, their geometry and materials automatically react to stimuli from … Continue reading Modelling embodied intelligence in soft fluidic networks with FONS

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